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Re: kernel-image-amd64 for sarge

Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 12:41:02AM +0900, Sanzo Miyazawa escribió:

>I have a question of amd64  packages for sarge.
>Is only amd64-libs required to boot an amd64 kernel with i386 emulation?

	No. To run the amd64 kernel you only need the kernel. On a i386 host, to
run 64 bits applications, you need both the kernel and the amd64-libs.

	Sure, the kernel will be running "mostly everything" or everything on 32
bits mode, but at least you can run 64 bits applications.

>In the case of the present amd64 biarch, a few
>packages such as module-init-tools
>must be replaced by their amd64 version for booting.

	Well, an amd64 kernel on i386 will need, at least, modern
module-init-tools to support kernel 2.6, but that's all.

	Kernel images will be soon uploaded to sid.



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