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Re: kernel-image-amd64 for sarge

Frederik Schueler <fs@lowpingbastards.de> writes:

> The sarge amd64 support will then consist of:
> a 64bit kernel with 32bit emulation 
> an amd64-libs package to run 64bit binaries
> a gcc able to compile 64bit kernels on a i386 host

I have a question of amd64  packages for sarge.

Is only amd64-libs required to boot an amd64 kernel with i386 emulation?

In the case of the present amd64 biarch, a few
packages such as module-init-tools
must be replaced by their amd64 version for booting.

Does module-init-tools for sarge support amd64 modules
for installing and removing ?

I am a user of native systems of amd64 biarch with kernel-2.6.7-k8-smp 
since 1.5 years ago.
I am satisfied with this system. It is very stable.
Of course I needed some  packages such as
mathematical libraries to run my 64 bit applications
but packages from pure64 could be utilized.

I do not want to use pure64 until most PCs in my lab.
are replaced by opteron.

One headache was I could not upgrade the systems to sarge.
But if these packages are available, my headache will go away.
Thus, I am very glad to read this mail.

Thanks for your efforts.

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