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Debian on my Targa laptop, again ...

Hi there

It's me again ... Since I think many of you could be interested, and I got personalized answers (thank you !) I'd like to reply to. So there are the latest developments :

I am now able to get to my USB memory key; actually, I had the idea to boot once with that key plugged in, and it worked : there was the /dev/sda device I wanted !
Mounting it wasn't a problem any more.

Next thing I tried : reboot, without the key. I went a bit different : apparently, no more /dev/sda, but as soon as I plugged it on again, hotplug told me it had just detected it and a /dev/sda device was created "on the fly"...

Well, things seem to progress, slowly I confess, but steadily.

Thank you all.


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