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A (lame) question

Hi there,

I have a amd64 based system and have up until now been using SuSE and/or
Gentoo on it.  I run Sarge on my laptop on therefore am interested in
this port.  It seems ready, the only thing that is very different to the
other two is the use of chroot for any 32bit binaries (this is for a
main pc so im gonna need a 32bit browser for flash - that is unless
there is a way to make it work in debian), but this doesn't look too bad
once you get used to it.

I suppose my question is (and don't flame me please), is the port in all
honesty as mature as the Gentoo system that I currently am using (I do
have broken builds so it isn't that mature in all honesty!)?  I'd very
much like to have both pcs (laptop and amd64) running debian to make
things easier for me.  I have to keep Gentoo on another partition in any
case for music production - I wouldn't even know where to start
compiling the deb-src from agnula.org!  BTW - I gave up on SuSE - I have
issues with these GUI configured distros, they all seem to bite back!

Sorry for the rambling - its late and I'm tired!



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