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Re: A (lame) question

Andy Main <mainas1@aston.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi there,
> I have a amd64 based system and have up until now been using SuSE and/or
> Gentoo on it.  I run Sarge on my laptop on therefore am interested in
> this port.  It seems ready, the only thing that is very different to the
> other two is the use of chroot for any 32bit binaries (this is for a
> main pc so im gonna need a 32bit browser for flash - that is unless
> there is a way to make it work in debian), but this doesn't look too bad
> once you get used to it.

You can use ia32-libs to run 32bit binaries. I'm not sure if all the
libs needed for mozilla*/galeon and flash are in there but more can be
added quite easily.

> I suppose my question is (and don't flame me please), is the port in all
> honesty as mature as the Gentoo system that I currently am using (I do
> have broken builds so it isn't that mature in all honesty!)?  I'd very

Probably more mature in some respects and lacking in some others.

> much like to have both pcs (laptop and amd64) running debian to make
> things easier for me.  I have to keep Gentoo on another partition in any
> case for music production - I wouldn't even know where to start
> compiling the deb-src from agnula.org!  BTW - I gave up on SuSE - I have
> issues with these GUI configured distros, they all seem to bite back!
> Sorry for the rambling - its late and I'm tired!

When you wake up give Debian a shot. Looks like you have the SuSe
partition free for Debian now. :)

> Thanks,
> Andy.


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