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Re: testing buildd && gcc-3.4 transition

Jonas Meurer <jonas@freesources.org> writes:

> hello,
> i'm interested in the latest plans on creating a testing buildd, and if

I started the archive creation yesterday. Currently alioth does a GID
renumbering so I can't check its progress. It might even have been
killed or completly mess up now. But it can be easily restarted.

Yesterday pure64 has slightly over 7000 source packages in sync with
sarge and successfully compiled. That leaves about 1100 source
packages with newer versions, patches, dep-wait, failed or
not-for-us. So it doesn't look too bad for sarge amd64.

> this will be realized. i like the idea, as it provides a somehow better
> and more secure distribution for (just as example) production servers,
> that don't like to be rebooted or unavailable in any case every now end
> then, because many people rely on them.

We need at least one person, better two, that can take over the job of
a security team once sarge is released. Mainly that means making sure
the sarge buildd builds any security releases from debian. But there
might be amd64 security bugs or bugs in packages we have to patch for
sarge. In those cases a new patched source has to be made.

> second, i'dd like to know how gcc transition from 3.3 to 3.4 goes on,
> and if it will superseed the old 3.3 archive soon.
> when 3.4 includes much better amd64 support, that would be interesting
> for all amd64 port users.

About ~1000 sources failed to build and none are left needs-build. A
lot are just the same failed, dep-wait and not-for-us as pure64
has. On top of that all the tiff depending packages have failed I
think draging down all gnome builds too.

I don't think its wise to switch before the tiff transition is
done. Too many failed packages.

> i'm asking as we have a dual cpu opteron system that will get setup as
> a server soon, and therefore a amd64 testing tree
> .oO(with gcc 3.4 compiled)Oo. would be very useful.
> bye
>  jonas

The archive is on alioth. When installing just choose

deb http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/gcc-3.4 sid main contrib non-free

I'm not sure anyone has tried this yet and reports are welcome.


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