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testing buildd && gcc-3.4 transition


i'm interested in the latest plans on creating a testing buildd, and if
this will be realized. i like the idea, as it provides a somehow better
and more secure distribution for (just as example) production servers,
that don't like to be rebooted or unavailable in any case every now end
then, because many people rely on them.

second, i'dd like to know how gcc transition from 3.3 to 3.4 goes on,
and if it will superseed the old 3.3 archive soon.
when 3.4 includes much better amd64 support, that would be interesting
for all amd64 port users.

i'm asking as we have a dual cpu opteron system that will get setup as
a server soon, and therefore a amd64 testing tree
.oO(with gcc 3.4 compiled)Oo. would be very useful.


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