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Re: Status of AMD64 - newbie

> I saw on the Debian-website, that Mozilla (suite, Firefox, Thunderbird
> and so on) and OpenOffice aren't availible for pure64 at the moment.
> Is that right or are the programs now in the tree?
> I need for my system the following programs:
> -Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird

This one is usually working, except that right now there seems to be a
problem with mozilla (and derivatives). A few posts to working debs have
been posted the last few days.

> -OpenOffice

This one is not yet available AFAICT. From the few messages I read about
this both on this list and the gentoo-amd64 forum it appears to be an
upstream-problem. They have not yet ported it cleanly to amd64 64-bit
That's a version 2 TODO.
IIRC the howto explicitly mentions a workaround for OO.o 1.x using a
32-bit chroot.

> -KDE (:D)
> -Gimp (1 or 2, no matter)

No experience with either, but I do remember seeing a lot of kde-packages
when browsing the pool for a kernelimage last weekend.


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