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Re: New DF image available

"Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D." <tyaiyama@yahoo.com> writes:

> Since the booting system cannot see /dev/hde as a whole, using your image I
> cannot install to /dev/hde27, for example.  You suggested me to use LVM, but I
> am testing installations of a lot of linux images and other OSes w/o regard to
> the existence of other OSes.  Also I am developing a boot manager which
> ocuupies less than 510 byts and which enables any BIOS supported devices' any
> partitions.  If you are interested in you can read:
> I do not feel LVM suit my need.  Thank you again for your effort, and for
> reading thus far.
> Toshikazu Aiyama

I believe you ment me with LVM, I suggested that.

I'm experimenting with a little programm that will use the
device-mapper support in the kernel to map the partitions of any disk
to /dev/mapper/<volume name>. It involves parsing the partition block
of each disk to avoid the 15 partition limit of the scsi

It shouldn't be to hard to make the program just create /dev/sda16 and
following as far as they exist once I have it running.


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