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amd64 installter (Debian From Scratch)

Thank you John Goerzen for developping an image.  I gave a spin to your image,
and found out your live CD is a small world itself.  No wonder it occupies more
than 500MB!  I tested it on the following machine.
                   General   AMD64
Tyan Tiger K8W        O        O      2GB
Tyan Thunder K8W      O        E      2GB each total 4GB
The difference between 2 systems is M/B and memory size as I noted above.  I
will send dmesg & lspci output of Thunder to John soon.

I myself am developping a live CD even after listening all advices.  My current
32-bit kernel configuration is for dual CPU, memory of 2-4GB, and no ATA SCSI
because I have more than 15 partitons on SATA disk.  All the kernel I have seen
set ATA SCSI option; thus I cannot see all SATA disk's partition on boot.  Thus
I have been forced to develop one to install debian to SATA disk directly.

Thanks to Piotr, his comment reaffirm my impression.  I have been also
suspicious about the performance of SATA.  I got already 3 Seagate 160GB SATA
disks, and am planning to obtain some more 200GB SATA disks because I suspect
linux SATA driver is the one to be blamed not the hardware.

Toshikazu Aiyama

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