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Re: amd64 installter (Debian From Scratch)

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 01:32:01AM -0700, Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D. wrote:
> Thank you John Goerzen for developping an image.  I gave a spin to your image,
> and found out your live CD is a small world itself.  No wonder it occupies more
> than 500MB!  I tested it on the following machine.

I'm glad you have found it useful!

One thing about DFS is that it's designed to make it easy for you to
build your own DFS CD.  Since you're planning to build your own live CD,
this could save you a lot of work.  You can grab my building system from
http://people.debian.org/~jgoerzen/dfs.  You can look at default.cfg for
examples; that's the config file I use to build my DFS CD.

You can put whatever kernel you like on your CD.  There are three ways to
do that.  One: you can specify "kernels" and "modules" lines, which will
copy kernel images and modules directly from your host system to the
live CD.  Two: you can specify standard Debian kernel-image packages on
the "packages" line.  Three: you can give the path to one or more kernel
.debs on your system on an "unpackdebs" line.  (Useful if you use
kernel-package to build your kernels.)  The CD also has a full C
environment, so if you stick kernel source on there, you'll have the
capability to fully compile your own kernel in a pinch.

dfsbuild will obtain all necessary packages from whatever Debian mirror
you point it to.  If you have a local mirror, you can generate the CD
image in just a few minutes.

I'll include a copy of the default.cfg at the end of this message to

BTW, I intend to produce .debs of dfsbuild within the next 24 hours.
The build-deps are fairly extensive (though the runtime deps are not),
so it may be easier for you to just wait until those are available.

>                    General   AMD64
> Tyan Tiger K8W        O        O      2GB
> Tyan Thunder K8W      O        E      2GB each total 4GB

In this list, what is the difference between "O" and "E"?

Here's my default.cfg.  It should provide a rough illustration of what
can be configured with dfsbuild;

# arch-tag: Default configuration file
# Copyright (c) 2004 John Goerzen

# Default mirror for "repo" sections
mirror = http://mirrors/debian

# General settings

# Name of any kernel images to install directly from your current filesystem
#kernels = /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.6-amd64

# Name of generated disc
name = Debian From Scratch (DFS)

# Version of generated disc
version = 0.5.1

# Person that built it
builder = John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
# modules = /lib/modules/*

# Repositories to morror
dlrepos = amd64 stable testing unstable

# Repository to build the CD with 
suite = testing

# Whether or not to use zftree compression on ISO image
# (doesn't currently work)
compress = no

# Extra lines for grub config
#grubconfig = default 1

# Packages to install on live FS besides base system
packages = util-linux parted grub lilo lvm2 raidtools2
        reiser4progs reiserfsprogs jfsutils xfsprogs xfsdump
        e2tools e2fsprogs e2undel dosfstools mtools hfsutils ntfstools
        hfsplus mkisofs cdrecord dvd+rw-tools ocaml perl
        vim nano joe kernel-package libncurses5-dev
        ftp ssh telnet elinks less zip unzip tar info man-db manpages-dev
        manpages cdebootstrap diff patch gawk tcpdump bash tcsh
        coreutils devfsd module-init-tools modutils rsh-client tftp 
        traceroute iputils-tracepath strace iputils-ping iptraf
        iproute ipchains ipfwadm iptables ifupdown ppp dhcp-client
        bind9-host whois dnsutils rsync rdiff-backup mutt netcat
        cpio buffer alien bzip2 dpkg-dev devscripts afbackup busybox-static
        dash sash usbutils pciutils hotplug discover read-edid
        buffer cramfsprogs minicom hdparm
        ntpdate ext2resize disktype partimage mt-st testdisk ddrescue
        umsdos recover dvhtool gpart ms-sys lde 
        smbclient kernel-source-2.6.5 dpkg-repack
        devscripts debhelper amanda-client dump e2fsprogs rlpr gs-esp
        emacs21-nox mtr-tiny python-dev build-essential g++
        wget lftp lynx pppoeconf pppoe pppconfig pcmcia-cs
        wireless-tools lrzsz cu debconf cvs tla unison star
        ftape-util mt-st tob afio pax dvbackup mtx kernel-patch-debian-2.6.5
        kernel-patch-scanlogic grep-dctrl kernel-patch-2.6-reiser4 
        kernel-patch-uml kernel-patch-skas  lsof
        sysutils subversion udftools

# Debs from local fs to unpack on live FS (will not be configured)
unpackdebs = /usr/src/kernel-image-2.6.6_dfs.1.0_i386.deb

# Debs from local fs to isntall on live fs
# installdebs = 

# Devices to probe for CD
devices = scd0 scd1 scd2 scd3 scd4 hda hdb hdc hdd hde hdf hdg

# Files to place on the ramdisk
ramdisk_files = /etc/resolv.conf

# Location of dfsbuild support files
libdir = lib

# Directories to create on live fs
makedirs = /root/.elinks

# Repositories to download
[repo stable]
suite = stable

[repo testing]
suite = testing

[repo unstable]
suite = unstable

[repo amd64]
suite = unstable
# Override default mirror
mirror = http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/pure64/
# Override default arch
arch = amd64

# Text to add to existing files
/etc/network/interfaces = iface eth0 inet dhcp
  iface eth1 inet dhcp
  iface eth2 inet dhcp
  iface wlan0 inet dhcp
  iface wlan1 inet dhcp
  iface wlan2 inet dhcp
  iface ath0 inet dhcp

/etc/issue = Welcome to Debian From Scratch (DFS)
 To login, supply username "root" and just press Enter if asked for a

/root/.bashrc = export WWW_HOME="file:///opt/dfsruntime/home.html"

# Files to create or truncate
/etc/hostname = dfs

/etc/syslog.conf = *.*             /dev/tty8
 *.info                            /dev/tty7

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