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D-I cdrom iso image


I build a cdrom iso image with the D-I cdrom initrd.gz and kernel +
udebs + debs.

Most things seem to work fine but some things didn't work for me that
seem to work for the netinstall mini.iso for others. Namely partman is
completly broken.

I fixed debootstrap to not include gcc-3.2-base, which was where
everything stoped before. After adding some kernel-image.debs and
initrd-tools.deb I got tired and am going to bed now.

Rsync is running in case someone else want to try:
archive/sid-amd64-cdrom.iso           ETA: 3:27:15

a731c353985a3131557811cf1b50d71a  sid-amd64-cdrom.iso
-rw-r--r--    1 mrvn     mrvn     101525504 May 25 01:09 sid-amd64-cdrom.iso


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