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RE: amd64 installer (Debian From Scratch)

There are two modules which  install SATA support for Sil3114: siimage
and sata_sil. If  you use siimage your disk ends  up as /dev/hde (this
happens in  Mandrake 10 for  amd64 and it  works for me on  Tyan Tiger
K8W+Opteron) sata_sil installs the disk as /dev/sda (Gentoo 2004.0 for
amd64 -  didn't work  for me). This  is a  bit off-topic but  might be
interesting for you anyway.


Piotr Kopszak

   Piotr Kopszak, Ph.D.          
   Polish Art Gallery, National Museum in Warsaw    
   ----------------------------->    http://kopszak.mnw.art.pl/ 

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