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RE: amd64 installer (Debian From Scratch)

>===== Original Message From Steffen Elste <steffen.elste@max-ulmschneider.de> 
>BTW, i'm running a 32bit Debian/GNU Linux testing/unstable on this
>machine as well, kernel is 2.6.6-1-k7, and the harddisk is mounted as
>'/dev/hde' - with the built-in SATA support as provided by the kernel
>shipping with DFS it is '/dev/sda' ... kinda strange, any ideas why this
>is as it is?!

I had the same problem when I was using the SATA compiled as a module for some 
reason the kernel would load the generic IDE PATA controller and the module 
that would detect the kernel would be VIAVPIDE or something like that which 
would assign the device as /dev/hde. But when SATA controller is built into 
the kernel then the kernel loads sata_via module and detects the drive on 
/dev/sda. I havent been able to fix as of yet.


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