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Re: pure64 port visibility

Mattias Wadenstein <maswan@acc.umu.se> writes:

> On Mon, 24 May 2004, Chris Cheney wrote:
>> The only major roadblock that I currently know of is the lack of a
>> working native 64bit bootloader.
> Which kind of suggest that me tagging it "Beta" isn't really accurate,
> since there still are parts missing that should be fixed before beta
> testing.
> /Mattias Wadenstein

I don't want a 64bit bootloader. I guess its non trivial to switch to
64bit mode and then access devices and it would mean developing yet
another bootloader.

The only thing missing are installer for the 32bit bootloaders that
already boot 64bit kernels just fine. But given that the i386 grub
installed fails miserably for all my systems I don't see amd64 being
any worse. In both cases I have to make a grub floppy/cd, boot it and
run setup.


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