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Re: ADA available on amd64 (gnat-3.3)

Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> writes:

> On 04-May-24 01:06, Frederik Schueler wrote:
>> Do you have an account on alioth? you might put them in your home for
>> example. Or one of the project admins could add you to the amd64 project
>> group.
> I registered on alioth as ajochens-guest a while ago. 
> Maybe it is a stupid question but how can I upload a file to my 'home' 
> on alioth? 
> I am not a member of the debian-amd64 (or any other) group and I could 
> not find any way to upload anything anywhere. My '*-guest' account does 
> not seem to have any write access. Please correct me if I am missing 
> anything here.

rsync -avP file ajochens-guest@alioth.debian.org:

Write access (outside the home) is usually given to a group and when
you join a group (an group admin adds you to it) you get access there


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