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Re: ADA available on amd64 (gnat-3.3)

Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> writes:

> In the end I got a working Debian gnat-3.3 package which compiles 
> itself cleanly.
> The latest version of gcc-3.3 (3.3.3ds7-8) disabled ADA support for amd64.
> The attached patch reenables ADA support for amd64 in gcc-3.3.
> A full set of gcc-3.3 binary packages with ADA support has to be 
> uploaded to the pure64 archive to get ADA working. I cannot upload 
> anything to the pure64 archive myself because I do not have 
> write access.
> Regards
> Andreas Jochens

Can you make those packages available somewhere?

They will be needed to compile the gcc with the patch.


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