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Re: Disk quota not working with 64bit kernel, 32 bit userland.

Brett Viren <bv@bnl.gov> writes:

> Frederik Schueler <fs@lowpingbastards.de> writes:
>> Try with a static 64bit version, this should work.
> Okay.  This indeed seems to work.  

Maybe I spoke too soon.  Using my 64bit static quota commands there
seems to be a problem.  All attempts to set up quotas fail with "User
<username> doesn't exist" when the user <username> clearly does.

It may not be related, but I am also apparently seeing problems with
XFS itself (to remind, this is quotas on XFS on software RAID0).  I've
been following the /usr/share/doc/xfsprogs/README.quota and it says to
run "xfs_info" to find out what block size XFS is using.  This gives:

coop:~# xfs_info /home
xfs_info: cannot determine geometry of filesystem mounted at /home: Invalid argument

which triggers a /var/log/message entry:

May 21 15:32:37 coop kernel: ioctl32(xfs_growfs:17624): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(806c5864){00} arg(ffffdc78) on /home

Any ideas on either of these issues?  Google comes up empty.


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