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Re: debian install LiveCD for AMD64?

"Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D." <tyaiyama@yahoo.com> writes:

> These days I am toying with the idea of creating a live CD to install debian
> pure64 on almost any amd64 systems.  The feature of the CD is:
>    1. boot up to console-prompt.
>    2. Recognize almost all PATA and SATA controller(excluding intel's).
>    3. Recognize almost all NIC.
> Item 2 can be tough, but at least I would like to show how to overcome.
> The current installer made by Roeckx is not a live CD, and also fails at 2.
> Using this live CD, I can partition SATA disk, and choose partition to install
> the system.
> The installer's kernel can be simple and well fixed i386 2.6.x.  kernel for
> AMD64 can be included, or can be downloaded from elsewhere.
> There can be 2 versions: one like businesscard(>10MB), and another like
> netinst(>110MB).  >10MB version can be used for good network connection.
> Also it uses cdebootstrap.  >110MB version can use the image like Anders.
> gcc-3.3, gcc.bart, and other cross-compiling facility can also be incorporated.
> Does anybody has any suggestion, or thoughts?
> Toshikazu Aiyama

Its being worked on already. :)

With a 64bit kernel though. You can't properly install pure64 without
64bit support, not the normal way. I have it on my to-do list but was
waiting for the 2.6.6 kernel image package to get uploaded and got
distracted compiling gnome 2.6.


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