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Re: Making /pure64 image bootable

Hi Toshikazu

Did you run grub-install????

I found this (The site is a bit slow): http://www.wlug.org.nz/TroubleshootingStartUp

Claiming that grub is unable to load stage1.

And you did this:
# grub

> root (hd1,27)

> setup (hd1,27)

> quit

That should be it (Unless perhaps grub sees it as a SCSI-dev).

I can't read the lilo-installer either, I ran file on it, which claims that it is data. When running file on eg. discover-data-udeb I get this: discover-data-udeb_2.2004.04.09-1_all.udeb: Debian binary package (format 2.0), uses gzip compression

Best Regards

Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.Dgr    . wrote:

Hi Anders,

Thank you for your continued assistance.  And I must
apologize that my mail is not formatted as you like
because I am lazy and have not set up mail system yet.

I followed your last two replies: editting menu.lst
manually and run grub-install.  It seems updated
properly.  Then for the final test, after exiting
chroot environmnet, I rebooted.  The bellow is my
whole screen shot:

  1E1CGRUB _

The 1st 0B shown is my boot manager output that hda
has 0B=11 partitions, and next FF is my KBD input to
change next available disk in BIOS.  Then in the
following line 1E is shown indicating next disk has
1E=30 part.
Since this is hde, I input 1C=28.  Because it is
bootable, no beeping, showing GRUB, a space, and next
blinking cursor, and system is pausing endlessly.  But
I could reboot to normal BIOS boot-up using
Ctrl-Alt-Del.  It seems we are getting there almost.

I got lilo from:

The major difference between my boot manager(ABM), and
lilo is:
(1) ABM is strictly a minimum boot manager.  lilo is a
boot manager and a loader combined.
(2) Upon boot up ABM relocates itself, obtain boot
location from KBD, then read the boot-section of the
specified partition, and places it to C000, and
perform jump to it, just like ROM BIOS boot loader;
but nothing else.
(3) Since it is intended to be included in MBR, its
size is limited less than 510 bytes.  Currently it is
483 excluding AA55 signature.
(4) It does not requre any kind of specific partition.
(5) Since I am working only on ABM, it is buggy,

The whole process of assembly programming in less than
510 bytes reminds of my young days dealing with 6502. I think GRUB should concentrate on loading; rather
than performing combined functions.  If GRUB is a
loader only, it will be much cleaner.

Again could you please help me to boot up!  Thank you,
in advance.

Toshikazu Aiyama, Ph.D.

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