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Re: Get rid of the lib64 dir?

Andreas Jochens wrote:

My idea was simply that it should be easy to set up symlinks from the old standard locations like /lib and /usr/lib to the new architecture specific ones.


It should also be possible to simply change those symlinks to point to a different default architecture, e.g. to change
/lib -> /i386-linux/lib to /lib -> /x86_64-linux/lib.

Another point is that one should not have more architecture specific entry points in the file system than necessary. The current multiarch proposal has


No, it does not. It has /lib/$(gcc -dumpmachine) and /usr/$(gcc -dumpmachine)/lib. /usr/local is the local admin's decision area.

and maybe even


at a later stage.

No. What multiarch proposal have you read that even opens up this possibility?

To have one single architecture specific entry point like /i386-linux (or maybe /arch/i386-linux) with a complete hierarchy below it looks like a cleaner solution to me.

This would require bigger root partitions and is not supported by the current toolchain. amd-multiarch-2 is.

It should also be much easier to support this by package tools.
All architecture dependend files could simply be installed in the architecture specific hierarchy. The symlinks from the old standard locations would then make the files for the default architecture available at the standard paths.

You don't say why you want all those symlinks over the place.

- tfheen

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