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Re: AW: Amd64 status

Michael Zoller <Michael.Zoller@utanet.at> writes:

>> Scroll up to where it unpacks and configures libc6 the first few
>> times. There could be some indication as to whats wrong.
>> Try to chroot into the chroot and reinstall libc6 from
>> var/cache/apt/archives and see if that gives some errors.
> I figured out what went wrong. It seems that awk was not installed but
> required by libc6 (not as a dependecy but in the setup script). I
> downloaded original-awk_2003-07-31-1_amd64.deb and installed it - from
> there I could get a working system. 
> Thanks for the pointers!
> Michael

Then i fear your libc is old and your cdebootstrap horribly outdated.

The current libc should not use awk (provided by mawk) for first time
installs but just on updates afaik.

And cdebootstrap has  a workaround for the problem in it, it installs
mawk before it installs libc.

I will check this out tonight, I got my amd64.


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