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Re: Amd64 status


Bharath Ramesh wrote:
You dont need to use the tar ball from John's site. You can deboostrap a
chroot if you have a 64bit kernel from Kurt's repository. You can find
more about how to do it from this e-mail


Yes, I did a 64bit installation into a chroot like that a couple of days ago, but using cdebootstrap, but otherwise like all the other steps described in the e-mail. I had to compile some packages for my own to get all dependencies met after the installation, but that is not a big problem, since most of the packages are building out of the box, and the two which did not just lacked a -lresolv at the link line (maybe a bug?).

cdebootstrap -a amd64 sid /chroot/sid-amd64/        \


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