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Re: Amd64 status

 || On Mon, 3 May 2004 19:39:19 +0200
 || Kurt Roeckx <Q@ping.be> wrote: 

 q> An autobuilder would be nice.  I'll probably get an amd64 box at
 q> the colo site where I could set it up.  The autobuilder would of
 q> course require someone to look at all those build logs and take
 q> the right actions.

 q> I never had any problems with gcc.  It's rather easy to build it
 q> too, just need to change a few things for pure64 and it works.
 q> Note that gcc is one of those packages that doesn't show up
 q> because of the problems with debpool.

 q> I even compiled gcc-3.4 from experimental which also seems to
 q> work without much problems, but I didn't really do much with it
 q> yet.

It will be great, if you guys can put up a short document on how to setup
a pure64 Debian from scratch. I have seen the howto on alioth, may be if
you can update that to include pure64 info, it will be really great. I
think there are more people interested in pure64 port right now than a 
biarch solution.

I have with me a brand-new Athlon64 and am planning to buy the rest of the
stuff to put together a new box real soon, and would like to help with the 

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