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Re: Amd64 status

> It will be great, if you guys can put up a short document on how to
> setup a pure64 Debian from scratch. I have seen the howto on alioth,
> may be if you can update that to include pure64 info, it will be
> really great. I think there are more people interested in pure64 port
> right now than a biarch solution.

I've been a Debian user for years, and I've just purchased an amd64
system.  I've read up on all the discussions on biarch vs. pure64.  For
my purposes, I would love to have an installable pure64.

When searching for 'amd64' and 'Debian', the first thing that comes up
is: http://www.debian.org/ports/amd64/.  The information linked from
there (specifically "The Debian GNU/Linux AMD64 HOWTO") is very
misleading for a new amd64 user looking to get Debian running in 64-bit
on their system.  You need to search and dig deep to discover that
pure64 even exists, let alone how to properly utilize it.

As a new user of pure64, I would appreciate some guidance on installing
pure64 from scratch.  This information should be presented right up
front in the HOWTO.  I also agree that there are a lot of people looking
for a pure64 port from Debian, since right now the only other contenders
are gentoo and fedora.  Mixed 64/32 chroot info is also very useful of
course, but right now I'd like to fire up my new box and have apt
install from pure64.

Many thanks to the pure64 developers.  I'm looking forward to getting it
on its feet.


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