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Re: Creating a usable pure64 environment

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 11:01:54PM +1200, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> Presumably I should not do this in a pure64 environment, and I need to
> use a biarch one to build a kernel that supports both 32- and 64- bit ?
> If I boot "pure64" will I be able to run a 32-bit chroot?  I guess I
> would need a biarch kernel for that, at least.

We keep an opteron around with LFS and Gentoo on it (dual boot) to build monolithic kernels
for our postgres Opteron servers.  I've built one in the Biarch chroot
but had problems with modules and the biarch vs debian sarge
module-init-tools versions.  As long as I'm going monolithic, i just use
kernel.org sources and manual build style on the dev opteron.

> Also, does anyone know if database files from a 32-bit installation of
> PostgreSQL will be compatible with a 64-bit one?  I can suck it and see,
> but it would be nice to know if someone else has tried that, or can
> confirm/disconfirm more strongly.

We did not use the raw postgres /data directory, but copied a pg_dump
over of the database and it worked fine.  Full test sets on debian 32
bit postgres vs debian pure64 postgres in a chroot and the dev
environment's results on the same test set will be available by the end
of May.

> Thanks,
> 					Andrew McMillan
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