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Re: Webserver

On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 12:16:06PM -0500, Ben Kochie wrote:
> for most web server tasks, debian i386 is probably just fine.. maybe
> running the pure64 port would be good for a DB server.. but apache doesn't
> get much advantage with the 64bit stuff.  Migrating to 32/64bit (or pure64
> if the installer gets done) later is probably going to be much more stable
> an idea.
> - -ben

I ended up going with with debian 32 bit with a 64 bit monolithic
kernel, but now iptables will not work.  I'm building a chroot with
iptables in it and will finangle some init script for the firewall.  Is
there any way to manipulate a 64 bit netfilter without this chroot being

TJ Vanderpoel GCIA,GCIH

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