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Re: BiArch - sarge installable ?

On Mon, 08 Mar 2004 10:41:28 -0600
Stephen Waters <debian@luy.info> wrote:

> On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 23:28, Alex Perry wrote:
> > A couple of weeks ago, my last biarch chroot went smoothly.
> > 
> > This time, I'm seeing version mismatches between the packages
> > on alioth's sarge and the mainstream sarge - so biarch is not
> > installable.  For example, libc6 is required in different versions
> > for the biarch gcc and the 32arch apt.  There is no biarch apt.
> > ... so I have to _choose_ between having "gcc" or "apt-get".
> I think someone on the list said you have to use woody + alioth-sarge to
> make dependencies work right...


I was trying to do it with sarge and sid + alioth-sarge packages and I can confirm that the dependencies are broken with these combinations.
with the woody repository all dependences works.

PS:I'm new to to list..and I'm testing all debian 64 stuff on my new amd-64 chip. I'm a plain linux user, but I'll do my best for help testing.


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