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GCC pure64 for building numeric stuff and GCC

Using the packages from John's archive and a static 64 bit kernel,
I am still unable to build a working "blas", "atlas", "g77" or "gcc".
The system passes memtest86 in 32 bit, and pure64 is otherwise ok
for doing anything not heavily numeric and/or torture test related.

Has anybody (other than John) managed to build any of those packages,
using only the pure64 environment (i.e. not biarch or the cross builders) ?
If you have, could you please send me the packages of your toolchain ?

It isn't clear to me whether the problem is the GCC or my kernel;
the former could be misusing the additional registers of x86_64
or the latter could be not saving/restoring them for kernel mode.
Either way I'm now in the middle of resurrecting my cross builder.
I'd like to put this problem behind me and get back to the porting.

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