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Re: As Seen on IRC

Alex Perry wrote:

>*I worked around the issue by creating a user account, from outside init,
>and then logging in as that user and using "su" to get to root.

Thanks for the suggestion - it sort of worked ;-) I chroot'ed into my pure64 partition, ran adduser and added a user named 'billy' Then I booted directly into the partition, and at the login logged in as billy. It let me in and the session *did not* terminate immediately. I was then able to su and get root. However, when I switch to another terminal, I am not able to login as billy. I get the same message from pam, and then the login prompt returns immediately. So it seems like adduser is setting things up properly, but login or the authentication module or something is messing things up.

Anyway, I tried to take advantage of my logged-in-ness while it lasted, and installed kde-core and its dependencies. Running as billy, I did startx /usr/bin/startkde. Got X windows started and told me something was wrong with dcop, and then the kde personalization wizard popped up with now window manager apparently running. When I got to the step where I configure the eye-candy, it did a hard freeze and is currently looking pretty but being totally useless. Poor billy, didn't even get a decent desktop running!

Anyway, I can try to do some debugging on the kde problem later, but for now the more pressing thing is to get my logins to work properly. I don't want to have to create a new user every time I want to log in !

Thanks again,
- Josh

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