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Re: As Seen on IRC

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Josh Hansen wrote:
My pure64 install is giving me problems on login:
I enter username and password, then get:
'login(pam_unix)[%some_number%]: session opened for user %whatever_username% by (uid=0)' Then the session terminates immediately and the login prompt returns. Any ideas what is wrong? I upgraded procps and then fixed the lib64 symlink, so perhaps it has to do with my pam configuration? I didn't change anything manually to trigger this problem; it must have been some dselect-upgrade that did it :-(

Don Montgomery answered:
Oddly, I had a similar problem with woody on amd64 when
woody-bf2.4 defaulted to a kde login, but gnome default
login worked.

*I worked around the issue by creating a user account, from outside init,
and then logging in as that user and using "su" to get to root.


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