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Re: Porting transcode and xvid to amd64

David Liontooth (liontooth@cogweb.net) wrote:
> Transcode and  xvid are  not in debian  sid, though  libxvidencore0 is
> used by avifile-xvid-plugin (contrib).  The packages have for the last
> few years been  expertly provided by Christian Marillat  (I'm happy to
> give him an amd64 account if he wants one).

Hmmm i  think libxvidencore0  is pretty old  iirc, moreover,  because of
this, it  disobeys all debian  policies appliable to libs.  You'd better
use the package  available on my site, which is  lintian error free. But
afaik, avifile doesn't support XviD API4 libs (1.0 series).

> Mike Phillips did some work on porting xvid back in November

Raaaaaa, why did he not mention this to xvid-devel in november ?!

Much work has been done since  november and it will (probably) be a pita
to integrate  those changes  in todays source.   Anyway, it's  better to
know this now than never. What branch is it based on ?

Ok, i'll have  to stop on this for  now as i'm pretty short  on time. My
ever growing  week end  task list  has now a  new item:  x86-64 required

Edouard Gomez

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