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openssl? pure 64-bit kernel?

Wow, great work! From the earlier discussions I had expected Debian to take months to port to AMD64. This is a great surprise and makes a lot of sense.

I chrooted from a SuSE 9 installation, following the instructions, and got the current packages installed (the ones I want); this was smooth sailing.

Is there an updated openssl package to fix the ssh problem? It hangs on defining RSA keys, as someone on the list pointed out, along with the compiler fix.

I'm also waiting for wajig, a set of perl scripts that simplifies package management. And transcode -- the various modules from a range of projects apparently need quite a bit of work to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of this CPU.

What's the story with the kernel? Why worry about 32-bit compatibility at all at this point? I'd like to build my own kernel; should I do it in SuSE instead of the the Debian chroot? Why?

All right, I'm clueless; I'm looking for a simple answer, namely this one: "Just compile the kernel on your pure AMD64 Debian chroot; it will run there. If you ever need 32-bit compatibility, you make another kernel -- worry about it then."


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