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Re: Porting transcode and xvid to amd64

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 10:45:31AM -0800, David Liontooth wrote:
> AMD64 is an extremely attractive platform for transcoding digital video, 
> a highly processor-intensive operation.

FYI, the mmx.h style assembly routines I use in mpeg2dec were
extremely easy to port to AMD64 - as I recall, I mostly just had to do
a few configure script adjustments to work around -fPIC issues, and
adjust the cpu detection routines (which are the only ones that dont
use mmx.h style stuff) to use push/pop instead of pushl/popl.

I dont remember all the details, because I did this in october 2002
(I had access to an amd64 sample at work). I have not actually double
checked it still works, but I'd expect it does.

Anyway. My point was: to increase portability and maintainability, I
would highly recommend mmx.h style asm over inline asm or .S files.
Intel intrinsics syntax show some promise too, but I dont have a lot
of experience with them so I dont know how their gcc support is.

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