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Re: openssl? pure 64-bit kernel?

* Paul Brook (paul@codesourcery.com) wrote:
> > > > b) It's not clear that the 64bit only archive will ever be an
> > > > official part of the archive...
> > >
> > > Indeed. I just wanted to point this out early so we don't get any
> > > "invalid instruction" bug reports in half a year.
> >
> > Half a year seems *extremely* optimistic, and, really, I think this is
> > an upstream issue anyway...
> It has already been fixed in upstream gcc 3.5 (CVS HEAD), 3.4.0-pre and 3.3.4. 
> 3.2 is old, unmaintained, and doesn't work particularly well on x86-64 
> anyway.

Good, then it'll get picked up when sid moves to one of the fixed
versions.  We really don't want to deviate from what sid's got for a
variety of reasons...


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