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Re: Seeking a kernel package

* John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> [040219 14:53]:
> Hello,
> I would like to have an amd64 kernel-image package that I can put in my
> repo.  To start with, I think it would be best to have one compiled like
> this:
>  * .deb package built with kernel-package
>  * 64-bit kernel with support for 32-bit bins also
>  * No modules -- everything compiled in statically
>  * Kernel 2.6.x, latest rc version
>  * support for just about all different hardware stuff turned on,
>    including those things that are not "known to compile" or labeled
>    "experimental"
>  * support for ipv4, ipv6, RAID, LVM (multi-disk), etc. built in.
>  * ext2, ext3, xfs, reiser, jfs built in.
>  * sound is not needed.
>  * USB is not needed.  firewire is not needed.
> The idea is to give people something they can install and *know* will
> work, then use it to be able to build their own 64-bit kernel from the
> 64-bit environment.
> Since it's built without modules, the kernel image itself could also be
> posted.  That'll help for people bootstrapping from an i386 Debian dist.

I have some misc notes for my emachines m6805 and .config at:

Sounds like you are thinking more server, but maybe you could merge
in some options from my .config too?

I guess the important part is to boot with pci=noacpi as the ioapic
interrupt programming is still broken on VIA chipsets. Otherwise Ethernet
will not work on VIA chipsets. Oh, and the USB needs to be compiled in for
the keyboard to work.



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