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Re: Installing pure64 from scratch

1. Install a distro that supports AMD64 (Red Hat, Fedora, SuSE).
2. Install the chrooted pure64 port on a separate partition.
3. Compile a 64-bit kernel deb or just use the kernel from the other
4. Setup lilo or grub to use the separate Debian partition as the root
5. Reboot.

Not ideal, but it should work.
I have done this but when I boot, it starts running init scripts and gets through cron, but then no login comes up! Eventually the runlevel kills itself for lack of having any running programs (?) The interesting thing is that on my Gentoo AMD64 I can only chroot into the debian pure64 when it is still in the folder it extracts into by default. But, when I copy it to my /mnt/debian64 partition, chroot tells me that I can't run /bin/sh because I don't have permissions. Could this be related to why this same partition dies on boot?

If my explanation hasn't been sufficiently clear, please let me know so I can give you more details.

- Josh Hansen

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