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Re: Installing pure64 from scratch

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 13:21, Josh Hansen wrote:
> I have done this but when I boot, it starts running init scripts and 
> gets through cron, but then no login comes up! Eventually the runlevel 
> kills itself for lack of having any running programs (?)
>     The interesting thing is that on my Gentoo AMD64 I can only chroot 
> into the debian pure64 when it is still in the folder it extracts into 
> by default. But, when I copy it to my /mnt/debian64 partition, chroot 
> tells me that I can't run /bin/sh because I don't have permissions. 
> Could this be related to why this same partition dies on boot?

How exactly are you copying the files?

> If my explanation hasn't been sufficiently clear, please let me know so 
> I can give you more details.
> - Josh Hansen
Dan Helfman <witten@torsion.org>

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