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Re: pure64 and biarch64: lessons in biology

Stephen Waters wrote:
On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 23:07, Allen Unueco wrote:

debian-multiarch, for all architecture generic work
debian-amd64, implementation of multiarch for amd64
debian-pure64, 64bit only mono-arch

Multiarch is the fine goal and I see pure64 as one step along that path.

Well said. In the meantime, I'm more than happy to use a chroot() for
the 2 or 3 32-bit apps I need (mplayer & realplayer come to mind) until
multi-arch comes to fruition.


I don't believe anyone is saying multiarch should die, it shouldn't. Unfortunately, it appears to be bogged down right now waiting for the rest of Debian to incorporate changes to dpkg/apt and Debian infrastructure to support it. I still haven't gotten a firm idea from these threads about multiarch's time frame, but if we really are talking about a year or more, then having pure64 now just makes a lot of sense, especially if it involves work that would have to be done later for amd64-multiarch anyway.

Cheers thanks to everyone for all the hard work!

Yes, and I want to especially thank John for his pure64 work. I was just days away from trying out Gentoo (ordered it from CheapBytes, it arrived yesterday), looking for a 64 bit system that I could use now, even though I really didn't want to leave Debian, or even so much as flirt with another distro. Now, I don't have to. Thank you.


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