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pure64 and biarch64: lessons in biology

Hey folks,
We can all see that there are some fairly strong feelings around here regarding the superiority or appropriateness of a pure 64-bit AMD64 port versus a biarch port. Both "sides" have points, so clearly both efforts will continue as long as people are willing to devote time to them. Let's just all accept that pure and biarch will move forward; probably the two projects will complement each other well once they are properly developed. As for fear that pure64 will steal developers from biarch, perhaps it is founded. But let's let the "natural selection" of our Debian software ecosystem determine what survives - people will go with what meets their needs, so there is no reason to propagandize against either project.

As for me, I am extremely excited about John's work and will probably find myself using that for now. Best wishes to everybody of both camps. May peace reign among AMD64 developers!

- Josh Hansen

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