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Re: AMD64 Status Update -- And Future Directions

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Bart Trojanowski wrote:

> Just yesterday on IRC I read a discussion on #debian-devel that accused
> the rest of the world as being wrong and stupid.  

Standards --- they're all stupid, but you have to pick *something*.

> You will break compatibility for something.  Either binaries that look
> for 32bit libs in /lib (debian-i386) or those that look for 64bit libs
> in /lib (pure-amd64).  Agreed, pure-amd64 does not follow the, so
> called, standards.

which is exactly why you are *extremely* unlikely to find binary-only
software built for pure64.  So your argument is moot.

> How about this:
>  - map all files in .../lib/ to .../lib/${arch}/
>  - change ld.so to pick the right libs at link time

You managed to miss my whole point.  There are standards.  The standards
say that certain things go in /lib.  You can't symlink /lib/i386 to /lib.
That just doesn't work. 

You may not like the standard, but that doesn't change it.


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