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Re: AMD64 Status Update -- And Future Directions

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Bart Trojanowski wrote:

> Since we now have a pure-amd64 port of Debian that installs in /lib,
> another possibility -- and a simple one at that -- would be to have dpkg
> map /lib of _i386.deb's into /lib/i386/.  This would be easily done by
> creating a tree of symlinks somewhere in /var and just untarring the
> package there.

Wouldn't a better idea be to map /lib of *all* packages into /lib-${arch},
and then simply create /lib -> /lib-i386 and /lib64 -> /lib-amd64
symlinks?  That way you are compliant with the various filesystem

> files for /bin, etc). And as an added bonus it introduces extra breakage
> in binary-only software from 3rd parties (dlopen("/lib/..."), other
> binary data in /lib, etc). ...hmm...

No, as long as you adhere to the filesystem standards, binary-only
software won't break.  That's what the standards are there for.

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