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* Lionel Elie Mamane (lionel@mamane.lu) wrote:
> Well, but then I would expect that a 64 bit Linux would go in 40 bit
> flat mode. Do I need to pass it a special boot parameter for this? The
> documentation claims that the board supports 8GB of memory, so there
> must be _some_ way for the OS to access more than 4GB. Do the Opteron
> CPU's support PSE at all? I thought it was an Intel-only thing.

Welp, I don't know anything about your particular motherboard but I know
on my Tyan Thunder K8S (S2880) Linux sees all 4GB of ram in the system.
It's a dual-proc system and I've got the memory split between them, 2
1GB DIMMs in each bank.  This is running a 64bit kernel, I don't
remember if the 32bit kernel saw all of it or not...


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