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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

> I think there could be a good reason for a "multiarch" (for commercial
> software compatability), but I've been waiting more than 3 or so years for
> the first 64bit Intel and AMD CPUs and an OS (preferably Linux/*BSD) to be
> fully 64bit (including application software)

Uhm, why?  If you don't care about running 32-bit code and you compile
everything yourself, why didn't you just buy an Alpha or UltraSparc
workstation three years ago?

> As I recall, the Intel/AMD/NEC 80386 CPUs were not only 32bit (in
> architecture), but also ran 16bit apps (such as the very first Windows 95
> OS) for backwards compatibility.  As I recall, most everybody worked hard to
> move from a 16bit architecture to the more powerful 32bit CPUs (commercial
> software vendors included), and I'm hoping and expecting the same to happen
> now with the new 64bit CPUs/architecture.

You mean a long drawn out process spanning many years as software developers
gradually phase in more and more 32 bit code bodged together with bits and
pieces of 16-bit code?  That's what you're hoping for?

At least you're likely to get it.


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