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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

* Eric Sharkey (sharkey@netrics.com) wrote:
> > It's my strong belief that Goswin and the others that are working on
> > Debian AMD64 are very correct to be working a biarch port. 
> I also agree that Goswin is taking the right approach.

Sure, and if it was ready tommorow that'd be great and everyone would be

> It's best not to waste man power on a 64-bit only system, when that
> work could be put to making a better multi-arch solution.  This is
> also very important for PPC/PPC64, which is in a similar position.

The 'man power' appears to be minimal and likely to produce something
useful sometime in the near future, unlike the multiarch stuff.  That's
pretty much the whole point.  Of course, that doesn't even consider the
fact that the 'man power' is volunteer, and not likely to actually be
wasted because the result will be used, probably a fair bit.

Why is it so hard to understand?


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