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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

Eric Sharkey wrote:

| > It's my strong belief that Goswin and the others that are working on
| > Debian AMD64 are very correct to be working a biarch port. 
| I also agree that Goswin is taking the right approach.
| It's best not to waste man power on a 64-bit only system, when that
| work could be put to making a better multi-arch solution.  This is
| also very important for PPC/PPC64, which is in a similar position.

Yes, but why wouldn't a 64-bit only AMD64 system be useful after the
multi-arch infrastructure is ready in just the same way that the current
32-bit PPC port will be useful on PPC64 machines?  i.e. in the case of
mips, sparc, s390, ppc, etc the port to the "main" architecture exists
before multi-arch support, so you might as well have amd64 in that list
too.  (amd64 will just be different in that the 32-bit will be the
slower and less-used architecture rather than the 64-bit as in with the
other cases.)


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