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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net> writes:

> If you've got the time/resources to do a 64bit-only port and maintain it
> and can convince whomever to give you wanna-build access so that you can

Forget about w-b access. Setup your own. All you need are a few email
aliases. Getting access to w-b takes weeks and you would have to redo
that for every buildd change.

> keep it up with the rest of unstable I'd say go for it.  I'd even be
> willing to help but I don't think I've got room to host it on a fast
> connection (though others might be willing to).  I've got at least one
> dual-proc amd64 system I'd be willing to help compile things for a
> 64bit-only amd64 port with.

The packages can be hosted on alioth and uploaded with ssh. Given the
limited amount of changes so far I haven't setup an automatic incoming
queue yet but that could be changed quickly and will be done soon for
the multiarchg stuff anyway.

> I'd be happy to hear from others if my list of reasons above is
> incomplete or not accurate.
> 	Stephen


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