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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

Tony Hoyle <tmh@nodomain.org> writes:

> Stephen Frost wrote:
>  > That's why you're likely to have to rebuild everything for amd64 after
>  > the changes to the packaging system are made which is why some people
>  > don't see much point in a 64bit-only native Debian system now.
>  >
> With that example you're going to have to rebuild every package for
> i386 as well.  Fundamental changes to the packaging system will
> require that anyway.

You would have to recompile zlib but not any of the packages linking
against it. Thats a difference of some magnitude.

Also getting the source patched for amd64 will force a new upload and
then the buildd will recompile the i386 lib anyway (if the maintainer
doesn't upload it).

Recompiling packages is not a big problem. Its quite easy to setup a
build to do so and some progress is being made to support binary only
recompiles in all sources. A few have problems with versioned depends
if you just recompile one arch.

> TBH I don't give a crap about /lib64 myself - a pure 64bit debian
> would do fine.  I want 64bit because I develop software that needs
> testing in 64bit... if gentoo actually worked properly I'd be using
> that now (they just compile everything 64bit to /lib then have a
> symlink to /lib64 for compatibility, which sounds like the best way.).
> Tony

You can already do that starting with the repository from
alioth. Thats what we all do. If you are a developer you should not
have problems setting up a chroot and add any libs you need.


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