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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

Kyle Rose <krose@krose.org> writes:

> > Because there's no gain for some packages, and it wastes mirror
> > space. Some packages, like say a window manager, really don't need
> > more than 2G RAM, and are not time critical either.
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I don't think you're taking the proper perspective.  If every "not
> time critical" application is 10% less efficient than it could be, a
> typical desktop user could see serious degradation in
> responsiveness

Responsiveness of simple desktop application is typically not
CPU-bound. Anyway, I can't really notice even the slightest delay in
anything I do with my window manager even on this crappy 500MHz
Sparc. But that wasn't really my point, if you don't like window
manager, take for example aumix.


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