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need any help?

I finally picked up an amd64 today. The emachines m6807 laptop. I haven't
been following what was going to be done wrt multi-arch under Debian but
maybe I can help somehow with it. That is if it is still being considered
a good idea. I maintain about half of KDE as well so I can test out ideas
with that.

Chris Cheney

BTW - Someone on the list last month asked about commerial 32bit gaming
under 64bit mode. Aiui people from Redhat have stated this would not
work due to DRI/XFree being 64bit and the game being 32bit, they said
something about needing a non-existant thunking layer. I don't play
games on my computer but that seems to be one more argument against
needing multi-arch on amd64...

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